An Act Of Redemption (Acts Of Honor #1) by K.C. Lynn – REVIEW

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An Act Of Redemption (Acts Of Honor #1) by K.C. Lynn – REVIEW

She saw in him what no one else could see.

He found in her what he could never find.

One moment changed everything but, even with a break in time, their connection could never be severed.

In the beginning he may have been her salvation, but in the end she will be his redemption.


★★★ 3 Stars ★★★

An Act of Redemption is the first in a series of novels which are a spin off of the A Men of Honor Series, In this first instalment, we follow the story of Anna & Logan.

Anna, was the rescued victim of the sex trafficking trade in Resisting Temptation and Logan is her hero and the boy who pulled her through the bad times and helped her on the road to recovery. Years later, she is a strong and compassionate woman who has a lot of respect for the military men who saved her, and especially Jackson who she has formed a very close bond with.

Logan is an honourable man in his own right, he has given up his dreams in order to be the man of his house, making sure his mum and sister are looked after and the bills are paid. He may look rough around the edges with his bad boy persona but deep down he has a heart of gold.

Unfortunately Anna & Logan’s path takes an unexpected turn and they both have to face the reality that true love never runs smooth and Logan has to fight quite literally to the death in order to redeem himself if he wants any kind of future with the woman he is sure is the love of his life.

KC Lynn once again delivered a heartfelt and emotional read.

I highly recommend reading Men of Honor first, or at least Fighting Temptation, in order for you to get a good feel for the back story, and also to familiarise yourself with all the many great characters that appear in this book. I think you’d be a bit lost otherwise.

At times, I felt like I was reading an extended epilogue, and to be honest I would have preferred less of the family get-togethers and more story between the main couple. It was like a reunion for all the characters that played a part in the previous 4 books.

I think for me to have felt that wow factor, I would have really have loved to have learnt more about Anna & Logan when they first met. I think I needed that connection.

I hate to say it, but I think this book was a little too sweet for me. Still, there were plenty of steamy moments and enough drama to keep me reading.

I am looking forward to the next in the series though, I am officially a KC Lynn addict and would highly recommend this book to fans of MoH and those who like a sweet but possessive alpha.

Told in dual POV, this is the first in a series of standalones, and is a spinoff from the Men of Honor Series and all characters are very interlinked.

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

About the Author

KC Lynn

K.C. Lynn is a small town girl living in Western Canada. She married her high school sweetheart and they have four amazing children: two lovely girls and a set of handsome twin boys. It was her love for romance books that gave K.C. the courage to sit down and write her own novel. When she is not in her writing cave, pounding out new characters and stories, she can be found living between the pages of a book, meeting new tattooed, hot alpha males with very big…Hearts.

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