Well, the end of another year is upon us – and it’s time to share with you what have been my favourite reads of 2016.

2016 has been a good reading year for me, but also very challenging at times. With so many new books being released every week, it seems that there is almost too much choice, and I find it’s getting harder and harder to find that special book that gives me those butterflies that we all seek.

Not only do I yearn for the emotional connection that a romance novel provides, but I need a good solid story with writing that can reel me in with its beauty. I want to be able to relate to the characters, I want to feel like I am part of the story.

For 2017, my resolution is to slow down a little. Just slow down, relax, and enjoy books like I used to, in the days before blogging schedules and constant promo requests were clogging up my inbox. I am going to enjoy blogging, for me, and continue to provide good honest reviews, that hopefully people enjoy to read before making their next book choice.

My 2016 Top Ten list was easy, all 10 of these books gave me that very special feeling that I crave, and I hope that I can convince you to pick at least one of these books up, and fall in love like I did.~Arabella

Here are my top favourite reads of this year

No doubt, The Enforcer was my favourite read of 2016, possibly ever.

Mafia, Love, Betrayal, Brutality,  Sexual Tension & Epic Love!

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New Adult, Friends-to-lovers, Sports, Emotional

 Angsty AF!

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New Adult, Friends-to-Lovers, High School, Smokin’

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New Adult, Friends-Brother, Heartbreaking, Rockstar, Angsty,

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New Adult, Friends-to-Lovers, Angsty, College, Emotional, Sexy

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Dark, Suspense, Erotica, Crazy Good!

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Love/Hate, Office Romance, Swoon!

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Adult Fiction, Forbidden Love, Taboo

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Fantasy, Paranormal, Historical, Epic Love!

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Contemporary, Women’s Fiction, Emotional, Heartbreaking


“In the future . . . if by some miracle you ever find yourself in the position to fall in love again . . . fall in love with me.”
― Colleen Hoover, It Ends with Us

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