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“Knight was a skinhead. Correction, Knight was THE skinhead.”
-BB Easton, 44 Chapters About 4 Men

Based on (mostly) true events, SKIN is the story of Knight and BB. It is the story of how a good girl, from a good home, with good intentions and even better grades, managed to get herself mixed up in every bad thing imaginable. It is about love and loss and learning that in this life, looks can be deceiving.

**SKIN is not intended for everyone. It contains themes that might upset or offend sensitive audiences. Please consult the introduction for a list of triggers.


I don’t know what I expected when I decided to read this book, I think what caught my eye was the fact that it was based on a skinhead, which really intrigued me. The skinhead movement originated in London, so I was really interested to read about how it would be in a small American town in the 90’s.

The heroine is 15, the hero 18 – and it’s an intense and explicit relationship that some readers might be uncomfortable with. I, however, remember what it was like to be a 15-year-old girl, and whilst I was mildly innocent, and I wasn’t an angel let’s be honest, I know that many many kids my age were doing far worse than me.

The characters in this story were flawed, but so unbelievable real, and don’t get me started on Knight, he’s probably up there, top of the list of ‘most loved psychopathic book heroes ‘.

“I realized as his nostrils flared that Knight was very much like a pit bull. Vicious. Loyal. Misunderstood.”

This book encapsulated everything about the era, the feelings that consume teens, the horrors of high school when you are ‘different’ – it was just absolutely enthralling.

This book ripped me open, and I welcomed it with open arms, it was just what I needed to pull me out of a funk of ‘same old, same old’ reads. This series is based on the authors true life relationships, and I for one cannot wait to read all about her next ex in Speed.

What a wonderfully refreshing format, I can’t recommend this enough, I loved everything about it, warts and all!

Skin is a New Adult romance, which touches on heavy subjects such as underage sex, anorexia, teenage pregnancy, and bullying. First in a new series, but can be read as a standalone.

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About the Author

I believe that in order to tell you who I am, I must first tell you who I want to be.

And what I really want to be is the steaming, twitching pile of flesh and teeth that would result if science ever made it genetically possible for Jenny Lawson and Kelly Ripa to have a baby–with a generous sprinkling of Megan Fox on top.

That’s the dream, at least.

The reality is that I’m a school psychologist (or I was before they fired me for gross moral turpitude. If you’re reading this, it has probably already happened.), and I live in the soul-stifling southeastern suburbs with my husband and our two darling little cherubs (or I did before he divorced me and/or had me committed).

Though my punk-rock days might be behind me, I still dye my hair pink on the first day of summer break every year and pray that it washes out by August. It doesn’t completely scratch my rebellious itch, but those judgmental stares in the grocery store do feel pretty damn good.

I also want to be the type of person who stays up until two a.m., writing smutty romance novels, but instead, I stay up until three a.m., writing about my own deviant sexual history because I have no imagination.

After one tiny REM cycle, I’m bitch-slapped back into consciousness by the sound of my alarm and rush off to work with my hair still wet and a travel mug emblazoned with some inspirational quote about the universe still on the roof of my car, my lunch still tucked away in the refrigerator where my long-suffering husband placed it the night before, and the belt of my coat vigorously slapping the pavement as I speed away. I’m what doctors like to call chronically sleep-deprived–or as my husband pronounces it, “depraved.”

To be honest, I don’t even remember writing this book.

No, seriously.

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21st February 2017

Skin (44 Chapters #2) by B.B. Easton REVIEW