Mixie Edwards

Christopher Rush is not gay.

But after a breakup with his longtime girlfriend, he finds himself crossing swords with his best friend Jeremy Pratt. Who’s also not … gay.

It was a one-time thing.

It didn’t mean anything.

They like girls.

At least, that’s what these boys of summer tell themselves as they pretend it wasn’t more than experimentation. With only four weeks left before they leave town for college, Christopher and Jeremy awkwardly navigate their way through a series of unfortunate (or very fortunate) events. Often leaving them breathless, conflicted, and dressed in nothing but a pair of socks.

Because socks are less gay.

As their time together comes to an end, will Christopher and Jeremy accept that love doesn’t discriminate, or will they put their swords up for good?


Crossing Swords is a story about two best friends who, after a night of drunkenness celebrating their almost graduation from High School, enter into a territory neither one of them was expecting.

This book was pretty funny, the struggles these two faced whilst failing to stay away from each other, in that way, was hilarious to read.

Christopher and Jeremy have been sharing a bed at their sleepovers since they were ten years old, but all of a sudden they can’t keep their hands off each other, but refuse to face the elephant in the room and denial is their new best friend.

The chemistry and connection between Chris & Jeremy was sizzling, and there were many steamy scenes that got me hot under the collar. I loved them together and the first person dual POV was great at getting inside their heads as they come to terms with the fact that they are loving the f*ck out of boning their male BFF. I thought it was very well done, these guys were very into girls beforehand, and so their inner turmoil and the way they dealt with it was pretty realistic for a pair of 18 year olds.

It wasn’t perfect, there were moments that had me questioning the characters, and the guys were pretty immature (as teenage boys are), but I enjoyed it, and thought it was a decent and entertaining read.

Looking forward to more from this author.

ARC gratefully received

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About the Author

Mixie Edwards isn’t who you think she is, and she likes it that way.

Addicted to Canada Dry, Mixie’s a non-smoking introvert who loves reality television just as much as she loves reading.

That’s not true.

Loving anything more than reading is against her religion.

She’s a USA TODAY and NYT Bestselling author of absolutely nothing, but her debut novel, Crossing Swords, is ridiculous and everything you didn’t know you need in your life.

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24th January 2017

Crossing Swords by Mixie Edwards REVIEW