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March Madness!

March was such a crazy month – I’ve read a lot of good books these last few weeks, but this month also gave me an absolutely epic story of all proportions, which left me with a book hangover from hell – The Enforcer by Kele Moon blew me away! Without a doubt, this Mafia read hit my all time favourites list and well worth the angst and tears and heartache.  I am not so patiently waiting for the conclusion to the Tino Moretti and Brianna’s story which will be released later this year.

Another book to mention is Jane Harvey-Berrick’s Slave to the Rhythm, which took me by surprise with its emotional but heartwarming storyline involving controversial subjects such as sex trafficking. Doesn’t sound like a great set-up for a romance, but believe me when I tell you that Jane really pulled this one off, I loved the characters in this one.

Jay McLean’s Redemptive, which is part two in her Combative trilogy was a completely mind bending crazy story, and one of those books that will have you chomping at the bit to find out exactly what is going to happen next – another conclusion that I am not so patiently waiting for.

Here’s hoping April brings me some more epic-ness!

Happy reading <3

March Reviews

The Enforcer (Untamed Hearts #3) by Kele Moon

Slave to the Rhythm by Jane Harvey-Berrick

Redemptive (Combative, #2) by Jay McLean

Liquid & Ash by E.M. Abel

HardBall by C.D. Reiss

In Your Dreams (Falling, #4) by Ginger Scott

The Hurricane (The Hurricane #1) by R.J. Prescott

A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole

Porn Star by Laurelin Paige & Sierra Simone

Collared by Nicole Williams

The Fire Between High & Lo (Elements #2) by Brittainy C. Cherry

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