Never Never (Never Never, #1)Never Never by Colleen Hoover
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

★★★★ 4 Stars ★★★★

Book Blurb
Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen. Complete strangers since this morning.

He’ll do anything to remember. She’ll do anything to forget.

What a mind-fucking refreshing change! I loved it.

Charlie wakes up from ‘something’ in the middle of class at school. She doesn’t know where she is or who she is. In a daze she follows her ‘friend’ to the cafeteria where it’s soon apparent that Silas is her boyfriend. She soon realises that Silas is also suffering from severe memory loss and they decide to stick together and keep quiet in case everyone thinks they are crazy.

They search for clues to try and find out what is going on but on the way they make some disturbing discoveries which force them to think about the people they were before. Silas soon learns that when Charlie is feeling vulnerable, she retreats into herself and acts tough. But even though he can’t remember her, he is determined to break through.

“We are so in love, Charlie. You feeling it yet? Do I make your heart go pitter patter.”

I absolutely loved reading this because it was unique to me, I’m sure there are other books out there that have a similar theme but that added to the humour and the underlying love story it made for a gripping read. I even didn’t mind the HUGE cliffhanger at the end, it only makes me love it more.

It’s not clear at this stage whether or not this is a two parter or a serial but as long as the wait isn’t too long I don’t mind at all. Be warned though, you won’t know what the fuck is going on

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