Conviction by Lesley Jones – REVIEW

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Conviction by Lesley Jones – REVIEW

Book Blurb

ConvictionShe was mine. Our love unquestioned. Our futures planned. But she didn’t show. All that we had, all that we meant, and after all that was said, she just didn’t show. That one act by her changed everything, but it especially changed me and from that moment on, there was no going back. No words of love, no whispered promises, just sex and drugs and rock and roll. No one gets a piece of Reed, but what they will get is the night of their life, the chance to let go, break their own rules and enjoy the best, the dirtiest, filthiest sex ever… Along with the other four people in my bed.

I thought he loved me, I believed everything he said, every promise that he made but then, when I needed him more than I’d needed anyone in my life, when I was at my most vulnerable, he let me down. He chose to take a different path and leave me to pick up the pieces of my now broken life. I was changed forever and chose the easy option, letting others take charge of my destiny, until once again, I’m let down in the cruelest of ways. 

Dirty filthy sex.
High emotion. 
And a bit more sex.

My Review

Conviction by Lesley Jones
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

★★★ 3 Stars ★★★

Conviction is a second chance romance of two teenage lovers who due to a misunderstanding are separated for 15 years and reunited after bitter regrets and longing.

Conner Reed and Nina Matthews meet at their little primary school in the leafy suburbs of Surrey, England. They grow up with Conner teasing Nina and it’s not until she is 15 that he realises that she is the girl for him.

After a year long relationship, events occur that force them apart and whilst Conner’s life seems to be on the up, with his rock band sky-rocketing into fame, Nina is stuck in an unhappy marriage that she is desperate to make a go of.

Conner never stops dreaming about his lost love, he does everything he can not to feel intimacy and craves control in the bedroom. He often has dirty sex with his band mate Jet and groupies where he instructs them what to do whilst watching and getting his dick sucked.

Nina on the other hands is longing for intimacy in her marriage, she has a thriving hairdressing business, great friends, a nice house and all the things that come with it but nothing will ever compare to the first love that devastated her 15 years prior.
_ _ _ _

I had a soft spot for Conner, he was a tortured bad boy who had a big heart. He loved his family, his band mates and he loved unconditionally his little blonde hair, blue eyed Nina. He was in a lot of emotional pain and blocked it out with both dirty sex and his music.

“It’s been fifteen years and a whole world of hurt and fucking heartache since I last saw her. Yet, she’s still there, still here, in my head, my belly and my heart and I so wish to fuck that wasn’t the case.”

Nina made a lot of sacrifices in her life in order for the people she loved to be safe and protected and I warmed to her when she finally had the courage to stand up for herself and be heard. (And put the wine glass down, boy did she drink!)

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

The first half of this book was fuck hot! Unfortunately the the two main characters didn’t appear together until around 50%. This was a big issue for me, especially when the sex between the couple didn’t live up to the filthy orgies that occurred at the beginning. When Conner & Nina reunited I expected a bit more push and pull, they trusted each other so easily and I understand that they were soulmates but after 50% of anticipation I wanted more than them just getting back together and setting up home. The second half of the book really tailed off for me.

For fans of the second chance romance trope, it well worth taking a chance on. It’s emotional and sexy and fun, but unfortunately it didn’t have the wow factor I was looking for.

This is a standalone, told in dual POVs.

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Lesley Jones Biography
I was born and raised in a small working class town in Essex, just outside of East London. I am married with three sons and in 2006 we all moved to the other side of the world, settling on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, about 50K outside of Melbourne, Australia. It’s a whole new way of life for us down here, we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world.
I am currently a stay at home mum but in the past I have worked at Marks & Spencer, as a classroom assistant/teachers aid and have run my business.
As well as writing, I love to read and have been known to get through four or five books a week. My other interests are watching my boys play football…The round ball version.  I am happy to admit to being an addict of social media and I owe a lot to my Facebook and Twitter family in promoting my work. I am also rather partial to a glass… or bottle of wine, a nicely chilled Marlborough Sav Blanc being my favorite. Being a born and raised Essex girl, I will happily admit to be being a big fan of spray tans, Shellac and am regularly, waxed, tinted and sculpted, although I am more likely to be found in thongs/flipflops than a pair of white stilettos these days.

Social Media
  • Twitter: @LesleyKJones 


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