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Crimson Desert by Melissa Jane – Guest REVIEW by Sammy

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Crimson Desert by Melissa Jane – Guest REVIEW by Sammy

Crimson Desert (Bittersweet Duet, #2)Crimson Desert by Melissa Jane
Sammy’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Bittersweet Stars

I’m going to review both books in this series as one. I read these back to back because I had to know the outcome. I’m a big fan of Dark Romance. I love how fast paced they are, that they hit a lot of emotions and that there’s always someone to have a love/hate battle with.

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Laila hasn’t heard from her brother Ethan in weeks, since their parents died they got into a routine of checking in with each other twice a week. After going to the police and getting nowhere Laila decides to take matters into her own hands. Armed with flyers of her brothers face, she goes in search of the only family she has left.

While asking locals for information, little does she know she’s playing into the hands of the enemy. Waking up in the boot of a car Laila assumes the worse, but what lies ahead is far worse than anyone could imagine.

The Florez family are Mexico’s most feared. Dealing in everything from Drugs to human trafficking they will stop at nothing to get what they want. After Ethan betrayed them, they go after the one thing that will bring him out of hiding his sister Laila.

Juan Florez is the Cartel prince. Growing up in a house of sex and violence, he’s one sick individual. When he sets eyes on Laila he becomes obsessed, the need to posses her fuelling his twisted mind.

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Aiden was taken in by the Florez family after the brutal murder of his parents when he was 7 years old. He’s learnt to block out the criminal activity going on around him, that is until the fiesty blonde turns up and everything within him wants to fight to save her.

I loved Laila, that girl was no walk over, she fought tooth and nail to survive the horrific events during her stay at the Florez Mansion.
After a month there’s still no word on Ethan and Hector the head of the Cartel family gets impatient, revealing the only way to settle the score will be to sell Laila as a sex slave. Aiden knowing full well how sick and twisted these people are, he volunteers to train her in her new role. What neither of them dreamed of was that they would form a bond to escape the hell hole together.

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This is a story that takes you on one hell of a journey. Although not as dark as some captive books I’ve read in the past it’s definitely one that made me question my own sanity, because why on earth would I find myself taking a liking to Juan. Don’t get me wrong I loved Aiden and for me he was perfect for Laila, but the way Melissa Jane portrays Juan had my evil smile showing it face.

Secrets, betrayal and murder are just a few of the things that make this series great. Melissa Jane is another Author I’ll be adding to my rapidly growing list of new releases to look out for.

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