Evergreen by Jessica Florence REVIEW

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Evergreen by Jessica Florence REVIEW

It was supposed to be an easy stake out.
Until a bunch of bachelorettes mobbed me,changing my life forever.

I couldn’t get Andi Slaton, with her red hair, blue eyes, and cotton candy flavored lip gloss out of my head.

But when she offers herself to aid the FBI to help me take down the biggest criminal family in Tampa, Florida, my very sanity is put to the test watching her spend time with my arch enemy.

She’s everything I want, I will be everything to her.
We will be Evergreen.


Jessica Florence is a new author for me but between the cover and the blurb I was very excited to read this.

Andi Slaton is on a bachelorette night when she first sets eyes on sexy Ryder, and it seems it is lust at first sight for the FBI agent who is determined to use his skills to find out who she is and where he can find her.

When Ryder surprises cake shop owner Andi with a visit, she decides that she wont be playing hard to get and they embark on a passionate and steamy affair.

It becomes apparent early on that Andi is the link that Ryder needs in order to take down the very man he has been working to take down for a long time, and although Andi will do anything to help catch the bad guy, Ryder is finding it hard to watch his new girlfriend get involved with his world that is often dark.

“I’m gonna fuck you in your kitchen.
I’m gonna make you come so much that you will feel me touching you even when I’m not there.
And when you are out with that asshat, you’re gonna know you’re mine.”

I don’t like to compare authors, but this was very reminiscent of an Aurora Rose Reynolds novel.

Alpha male, check
Sweet but feisty heroine, check
Extremely hot sex, check
Quick to fall in love, check
Just the right amount of drama, check

If it were not for the instalove I probably would have loved it more, I personally prefer a bit of a slow burner but the chemistry and sex scenes were very well written and probably my favourite parts of the book. I am clueless to how FBI operations run, but I think you may need to suspend a bit of belief here and take this book for what it is, a fun and steamy read.

I look forward to seeing how the author progresses in future books.

This is a standalone, written in dual POV.

ARC gratefully received


Flaming red hair was piled on top of her oval face. Her blue eyes stared at me intensely. My gaze fell to her pink, pouty lips.
Her lower lip was slightly bigger than her top. My thoughts immediately took a turn into the gutter. I imagined all the ways I could tease those lips, tasting them, the way they would look wrapped around my dick. I kept going with my gaze. Her skin was a sweet cream color. A blue corset wrapped around her petite frame, and a pink tutu with pink and blue checkered socks encased her long legs. Then, the outfit finally ended with “fuck me” black heels. I never would have thought all that combined in one package would be sexy, but, damn, I was all about this cotton candy woman.
“I appreciate you stripping me down with your eyes here, but I have a celebration to get back to, so here, please.” I looked back up at her face in confusion. Then I realized she was holding my phone out to me.
“I’m an asshole. Thanks,” I told her as I grabbed my phone from her delicate hand.
“Nice to meet you, asshole. I’m Candy Tease tonight. So maybe you aren’t normally an asshole.” She smiled at me. I found myself wanting to play with her.
“Candy Tease. I can see where you get your name.” And I wasn’t talking about her outfit.
Although I was sure that was what she thought I was talking about. She looked sweet as hell, and I definitely wanted a taste. My dick was throbbing at the thought of just how sweet she was. The sweetest of honey.

About the Author

Jessica Florence, Kaleidoscope of Romance
Author <3 PotterHead <3 Movie Geek Extraordinaire.
Writer of Surviving Valentine. The of The Heart trilogy, Evergreen, Lights of Scotland Series, and The Final Love series.
When she’s not writing her next invigorating story. You can find her running her own business, and spending time with her husband and daughter in southwest Florida.
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon | Website


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