Mafia Men

The mafia world is dark and sinister place, but beneath the shady dealings and the gritty goings on, these elusive men always need a woman to help balance the dark and the light. Some of my favourite books have featured the Italian Mafia, in it’s many different forms, but there is also the Russian Bratva and the Cartels that get me hot under the collar. Here are some of my best reads, so far….

Sempre Series by J.M. Darhower

A top favourite, this series follows the Italian mafia based out of Chicago. I cannot express how much I loved this whole series, it was everything I love about Mafia romance. Made is one of my all time best books of all time, and can be read as a standalone. I recommend this to everyone.

Sempre Sempre Redemption Made

Untamed Hearts Series by Kele Moon

This is one of my favourite ever series ever, the writing is fantastic and the stories are dark, emotional and beautiful.

The first two books in this series focus on the Cartel, and remainder focus on Italian Mafia. Can all be read as standalone novels, but best enjoyed as part of the overall series.

  The Enforcer (Untamed Hearts #3)

Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles
by Cora Reilly

If you love possessive alpha heroes, then this is the series for you. I basically binge read this whole series in four days!


Boston Underworld by A. Zavarelli

Irish mobsters, this series is set in Boston centred around a mafia syndicate. The first book was a little slow for me but the following books blew me away, I loved them! Quite dark in parts, but swoony, badass heroes and heroines. Later on in the series we are also introduced to the Russian Vory.


Ruthless People by J.J McAvoy

Completely over the top, but a really popular series for the mafia romance fans!

Ruthless People (Ruthless People #1) The Untouchables (Ruthless People #2) American Savages (Ruthless People #3)

Scarred Souls Series by Tillie Cole

This series follows the Russian Bratva, and Raze was a favourite for me. Quite Insta-love, but brutal and sweet too.

23262621 25732126 (1) Ravage (Scarred Souls #3)

The Corruption Series
by C.D. Reiss

Forbidden Series
by J.M. Darhower

By Any Other Name Sweetest Sorrow (Forbidden #2)

The Fighting Series
by J.B. Salsbury

Snowflakes & Fire Escapes
by J.M. Darhower

by LJ Shen


by Jessica Sorensen

Hell’s Kitchen
by Hart Saint Germain

For Fallon
by Soraya Naomi


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