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Just in Case by Elizabeth Marx – REVIEW

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Just in Case by Elizabeth Marx – REVIEW

Book Blurb

He’s been waiting for her all these years …

Scarlett Marbry was sixteen when her mother, an acclaimed Sacred Harp singer, committed suicide, sending her away from Crossroads, Alabama and whatever pushed her mother over the edge.  Seven years later, she’s returning for her grandparents’ funeral and the letter her mother left her when she died. Not only does Scarlett have to face her deep Southern roots, but the one she left behind.

She’s never thought she was good enough for him …

Revell Marshall is used to working with fragile objects. He’s built a life and career around reassembling the delicate stained glass windows that saved the small town of Crossroads from ruin. Once Scarlett returns, he’s determined to win her heart, even if that means helping her piece together the facts of her mother’s past and exposes truths he’d rather leave buried.

What happens when your secrets are revealed to the world?

You better hold on tight to the one person you think you can trust…

Just in case.

My Review

★★★★ 3.5 – 4 Stars ★★★★

This was a very interesting and different read for me, I enjoyed the mystery of the hidden secrets and the second chance love aspect very much.

Set in the mountains of Alabama, Scarlett Marbry has returned to her birth town from Chicago after the death of her grandparents. Scarlett left when her mother committed suicide and has always hated the hill-billy town that housed her mean old grandfather, but now she is back and she is hell bent on finding out why her mother could no longer bear to be alive.

Revell Marshall is the man she left behind when she was fifteen and he was a good few years older, but he is determined to finally lay claim to his woman, even if it does mean that she first goes through a nightmare to find her answers.

The descriptions and the way the author showed me the way of life of the deep south was fascinating and I was glued to the pages. Scarlett had a lot to deal with and it was hard to read when the family secrets were finally revealed, but the relationship between her and Revell was great, he was adorable and it was clear from the get go that he was the man who could bring her back to where she belonged.

Review copy gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review


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