Lock & Key (Lock & Key #1) by Cat Porter REVIEW

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Lock & Key (Lock & Key #1) by Cat Porter REVIEW

I suppose some of us have to get really dirty before we can become truly clean.

I was allegedly South Dakota’s most famous old lady.
Sixteen years ago I survived my old man’s murder

Never again.
Never again will I surrender my heart.
Never again will I sacrifice to the Club.

But that all changed in one night.

I came home and crashed into him,
and my past and present blew up in my face.
Both of us lonely, running on empty, and unwilling to admit it.

Until now.
Now I feel things I’d forgotten about, want things I’d cut out of my insides.

Love not only stings when you lose it, when it’s ripped away from you.
When it first sinks its teeth in you, it can cut just as raw and sting just as deep.

I’d forgotten that.

Who holds the keys to betrayal? To suspicion? To trust?
To brotherhood? To family?
To redemption and a bleeding heart?
Right now, I just might.

Warning: This work of fiction contains graphic language, sex, and material some readers may find objectionable.


★★★★ 4 Stars ★★★★

Well this was a nice surprise!For a start, the main characters were in their 40’s, and secondly the heroine was kickass – I loved her just as much as the swoony alpha male biker.

This was almost like two stories melded into one, we have Grace of the present day, a widow who has returned to her home town to help her dying sister. She returns to the only place where she feels part of something and that is at the One Eyed Jacks MC.

On her way home she meets a handsome stranger in a bar and they have great banter and flirty exchanges, which ends up with a steaming hot one night stand – only she soon finds out that she will be seeing much more of this brooding, sexy man when she arrives back with at the clubhouse to ask for help to save her sister.

Then we have the Grace in the past, who falls in love with Dig and becomes one of the most loved and revered Old Lady’s in their history – ‘Little Sister’ is happy until tragedy befalls her and she believes that her one true love is it for her, never to be experienced again.

Can Miller be in her future, or will all the lies and secrets that have been hidden for sixteen years stop them from having the happy ever after that neither of them were expecting?

I really enjoyed this gritty biker story, there was fabulous chemistry between Miller & Grace, and there was enough storyline to keep you turning the pages to find out all the secrets that connect the past to the present.

I also enjoyed reading the scenes with her sister, and her nephew which were so sad and heart-warming at the same time.

Their journey isn’t perfect but it never is within the MC lifestyle but their ending was lovely. This is a story about passion, sacrifice and redemption.

Looking forward to reading about the other characters in the next book.

About the Author

Cat Porter

CAT PORTER was born and raised in New York City, but also spent a few years in Europe, Texas and the suburbs along the way. As an introverted, only child, she had very big, but very secret dreams for herself. She graduated from Vassar College, was a struggling actress, an art gallery girl, special events planner, freelance writer, and had all sorts of other crazy jobs all hours of the day and night to help make those dreams come true.

She has two children’s books traditionally published under her maiden name. She now lives in Greece with her husband and three children, and freaks out regularly and still daydreams way too much. She is addicted to old movies, the History Channel, her iPad, her husband’s homemade red wine, really dark chocolate, and her Nespresso coffee machine. Writing keeps her somewhat sane, extremely happy, and a productive member of society.

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