Pretty Smart Girls by Shae Ross – REVIEW

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Pretty Smart Girls by Shae Ross – REVIEW

Pretty Smart GirlsPretty Smart Girls by Shae Ross
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

★★★ 3 Stars ★★★

Book Blurb
Team Ryan
Ryan Rose and her fellow Spartans are finalists in a high-profile entrepreneurial competition. They’re competing for life-changing money and for their futures. They have a solid plan to win. All they need to do is trounce the competition: rich frat boys from an archrival university. Easy, right?

Team Jett
Jett Trebuchet’s first mistake was not realizing that Ryan and her friends were the competition. His second was expressing his unabashed confidence in his team’s ability to win. After all, everyone knows the only thing MSU does better than U of M is produce beautiful, easy women…oh, and he almost forgot to say “dumb.” And boy, does his team pay for that one.

Game On

As each side tries to game the other, something else seems to be getting in the way—attraction. Now Ryan and Jett must keep their teams from getting distracted by the opposite sex…and each other. All is not fair in love and war when it comes to winning this game.

My Review
This whole book reminded me of The Apprentice without the reality TV part. It was a contest between 2 teams, Team Jett and Team Ryan who are competing for a one year contract and a 6 figure salary.

Ryan and Jett are top students at rival colleges and when they first meet they both have misconceptions about the other. Jett thinks Ryan and her team, Devi and Jade, are dumb and easy party girls and Ryan tars Jett, Ben and Vaughn with the preppy daddy’s boy brush.

This book started off really well with Ryan and the girls playing a prank on the boys and I thought it would continue on that path. However, the boys soon realise that playing nice is going to get them further in the competition so they all come to a truce.

Ryan and Jett have chemistry but I didn’t see enough spark and I think I was expecting far more in the love/hate stakes that didn’t really come to fruition.

The banter was good and there was a fair amount of humour and of course we had a nice amount of steam but I just felt it fell a little flat. All in all it was an OK read with potential if it turns into a series.

ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review

Shae Ross Bio
Shae Ross was born and grew up in Ferndale, Michigan. After graduating high school, Ms. Ross attended Michigan State University and continued her education at Detroit College of Law. Prior to 2014, she spent the majority of her career practicing corporate law, running a successful business and engaged in entrepreneurial ventures.

After having one too many stressful days at the office, Ms. Ross began to consider pursuing her lifelong dream of writing.

Armed with an English degree, an interest in historical settings and a huge collection of romance novels, Ms. Ross put pen to paper and began converting the characters in her head to ink. She soon found herself happily immersed in a new working world that included heroes and heroines, agents and editors, and a multitude of secondary characters.

Ms. Ross’ debut novel, PRETTY SMART GIRLS: LACE UP was acquired by Entangled Publishing and is expected to release January of 2015. She currently writes in the new adult and historical romance genres and lives with her husband and three children in Michigan.

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