Well it’s that time of year again, Christmas day is over and done with, the turkey is eaten the half eaten boxes of choccys are haunting us. But the good thing is, it’s book list time!
It has been a fantastic reading year once again, and I love sharing my excitement of all the wonderfully written books that I have enjoyed these past 12 months.
At the time of writing this post, I have managed to read 266 books of which only 25 I gave a top rating of FIVE stars.
That’s literally 9% which leads me to think I am a very picky reader!
A five star read for me is something I can’t even explain, it’s a feeling I get early on in the book and stays with me the whole time I am reading it. I am always craving that next high and like an addict I can never get enough of my favourite types of books.
So out of the 25 books that made me feel that way, I have narrowed it down even further to the top 12 books that I have read this year that will stay with me forever. These books owned me from the very first chapter, and gave me all the FEELS that make up a great romance read for me. ~Arabella

In alphabetical order, here are my top favourite reads of this year.

I have been a massive Penelope Douglas fan since I first read Bully on June 17th, 2013. It’s like she knows all the little things that make me tick and puts them all into one book just for my pleasure. Two and a half years and 5 books later, I read Corrupt and my whole world was once again rocked.

This is a love/hate story which follows the lives of two rich kids who have known each other all their lives, but end up playing dangerous games as teens and adults which lead to a juicy story full of intrigue, sexual mystery and a cast of characters I can’t wait to read more about.



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This is another author that I have been with since the very start of her career, Karina Halle is so diverse in her writing and this particular series is a favourite of mine, starting all the way back when Javier appeared as a minor role in Sins & Needles.

This is the tale of the absolute gruesome and brutal life of a Mexican cartel leader and his path to true love. Javier and Luisa are a match made in heaven, and boy did they go through hell to get there. Blood, sex, gore, this book had it all but most of all it had all the FEELS, and I like to contribute that fact to the fantastic build up that Karina has given us, throughout  both the Artists Trilogy and the Dirty Angels trilogy which led us to this beautifully dark romance.

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Dirty Ties was my first five star read of the year and I still remember being in awe of how different this book was to anything I had read before.

Although I do love a Romantic Suspense, it’s not my most favourite genre, but this  book far exceeded my expectations. I was literally on the edge of my seat whilst reading this and I fell in love with both of the characters deeply.

Four words to describe this book – fast paced, gripping, unique, sexy!




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Childhood friends to lovers, plus an amateur boxer and the brilliant writing of Aly Martinez made for a totally fantastic read for me. I adored this book so much it had all of the elements of a romance that I love.

This was the first book in the series and it just so happens that I loved book 2, Fighting Shadows just as much, but I think Till and Eliza will always be my first love in this series because they gripped me so completely from start to end. These 3 brothers stole my heart and I can’t wait for 2016 to bring me the final instalment.

Kickass heroine’s too, which is essential!

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When two of my favourite authors announced that they were going to collaborate on a book together, I wasn’t sure how these quirky writers were going to pull it off, but pull it off they did and with bells on too boot.

An introverted blogger and a sexy Irish rugby player clash when she writes about him on her blog, causing him to contact this crazy woman to find out why she wrote about him with such mockery.

Quirky unique loveable characters, super hot sexy chemistry, hilarious LOL moments and a brilliant intricate story that will give you butterflies.

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I love Lauren Layne’s stories, and this is still my favourite of hers to date. This was a perfect New Adult formula, a romance whereby a Preppy Frat Boy and a Goth who prefers to study than party, end up becoming fake boyfriend/girlfriend.

Very reminiscent of Pygmalion, but in my eyes tons better. The banter and chemistry was the main reason this book worked for me, I got so many butterlies, Ethan was such a sweetheart.

Low steam level but such a feel goodbook.

I can feel a re-read coming on!


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I love, love , love LH Cosway, she has a quirky writing style that is laced with humour. King of Hearts however brought out another side to her writing and that was EMOTION… so much of it.

We met alcoholic hobo King in previous books in this series, so it was such a pleasure to go right back to the beginning and find out what happened in his life to make him that way. The love of his life Alexis, was a woman who you couldn’t help but love and then to  feel her pain when things went to pot was torture.

This book was set in London and I loved how Ms Cosway captured the daily life of my city.

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This BOOK! Oh my God I was a mess!

Lance Corporal Dylan Banks is the last of the More men to get a book and let me tell you, Jay McLean finished this series on a hell of a bang.

It was a huge secret as to who his heroine would be leading up to the release of this book, and I definitely think that added to my excitement. Turns out, she was so much more than I expected her to be, as was this book.

If I wasn’t crying, I was laughing out loud; the humour was great, especially if you are an avid fan of the Mayhemers.


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I have no worlds to describe this book and all the different emotions that it pulled from me, I probably spent half the book crying but equally I smiled a whole lot too.

Such an emotive subject was touched upon and handled so well, that I will never forget Faith & Cade’s story for as long as I live. Not only do we have an ex-military broken hero, and a sweet and sassy heroine, but we also have two very special children who stole my heart.

Super steamy too, so all in all the perfect mix.

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This was a book about hope and redemption and family and love. Another emotional one from Tillie Cole with my favourte brothers, the Carillo’s.

A Spanish museum curator and an Italian sculptor find love in the most unlikely circumstance, and a man finds peace after the sins of his past are finally laid to rest.

Beautiful words and a heartwrenching story.

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I just love this series and I can’t reiterate enough how talented Kele Moon is, why more people aren’t reading her books is a sin! I love me a Hispanic charmer and Chiuto was THE perfect specimen of a bad boy alpha.

I would describe this book as intense, there really is no other description. It’s not a sweet story but a gritty and raw tale of a good white girl and an ex-gangbanger and current fighting champion who fall in love, and love each other with pure devotion.

It’s such a beautifully written book and part of an overall series that is deep in my heart.

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There really isn’t much I need to say about this one, except GRIFFIN!

My favourite narcissist shocked the hell out of me with this hilarious but emotional read that I could not put down for a minute.

The bad-boy bassist with a heart as big as the moon! And a woman who loves him quite unconditionally.

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And because they were all very special to me,

here are all 25 of my FIVE star reads of 2015.

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