Thief of Hearts (Hearts, #5) by LH Cosway REVIEW & Giveaway

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Thief of Hearts (Hearts, #5) by LH Cosway REVIEW & Giveaway

She upholds the law. He breaks it.

Two blue hearts, both alike in bravery
In not-so-fair London, where we lay our scene
From gun crime to petty theft
Where family is blood and survival makes hands unclean
In this place, we find two hearts who should be foes
And yet, amidst the turmoil their love still grows
Misadventure abounds and the divide will bring them strife
But with luck, death doesn’t always mean an end to life.

Hearts of Blue is a standalone contemporary romance that tells the story of star-crossed lovers Karla Sheehan and Lee Cross, a police constable and the thief who steals her heart.


I absolutely love this series, and since the cheeky chappies from London that form the Cross family have come into the picture, I have had the most amazing time getting to know them and have fallen – hook, line, and sinker for these fabulous brothers.

Stu Cross is the eldest of the clan, but he feels like he’s failed as a big brother and left Lee to take charge. However, if you are familiar with book 4, Hearts of Blue, you will know that he stood up to the plate, and spent two years in prison to take the fall when his families dodgy car business was busted. Now out of the nick, he has a mission to steal a famously missing Rembrandt painting, and the only way he can do that is to get close to adult education teacher, Andrea Anderson.

“He really was incredibly attractive. Sometimes I had to remind myself that he was my student and not some male model who’d lost his way and found himself in my adult education class.”

Andie is a widow at the age of 28, having married young and lost her husband to cancer at 24. She is a kind, and gentle soul, who wants to make a difference to people’s lives by teaching, and keeps herself busy to take her mind off her grief.

When Stu enrols in her course at the college she is employed at, she is shocked to find herself developing feelings that she thought were long since buried, and every time he is near her, she is more and more drawn to his contagious charm and charisma, the only thing is, she cannot for the life of her understand why he is pursuing her, and is adamant that he has an ulterior motive…

I just love the banter, and the tension that LH Cosway is able to convey so well, she is such a unique writer, and humour and good solid connections are always present in her stories, as are the very well thought out and likeable, supporting characters.

Stu was adorably vulnerable and self-deprecating, but also strong and fiercely protective of anyone he cared about. He was always surrounded by the love of his family, but always felt alone, and it’s not until he meets a woman who gives so freely, that he realises what he has been missing his whole life.

“This isn’t about how far you’d go. It’s about how far I’d go, and I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t do to keep them safe.”

Andie was soft to his hard, she is terribly scared of moving forward, but she’s a woman who can fight, and she was incredibly determined to make Stu happy, even if she had to break the law to do it.

I loved the mystery of not having Stu’s POV, and I thought the plotline involving the stolen painting added a great edge to the book. Lot’s of butterflies whilst reading this one, I was in love with this couple and was championing their relationship from the start. Also, there was a forbidden element to the story, which I love, and of course it was set in the spectacular city of London, my home.

“Stu Cross made me feel alive. So much so that it took him coming into my life to make me realise I hadn’t been living.”

Am I looking forward to the next book? Hell yes, this book set us up quite nicely for Trevor’s story, and as usual, I am left finishing a Hearts book, wishing the next one was written already. I guess I will have to wait patiently, I am sure it will be worth it.

Thief of Hearts is book 5 in the Hearts series, but can be read as a standalone if you really must. Told from the heroine’s POV.

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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About the Author


L.H. Cosway has a BA in English Literature and Greek and Roman Civilisation, and an MA in Postcolonial Literature. She lives in Dublin city. Her inspiration to write comes from music. Her favourite things in life include writing stories, vintage clothing, dark cabaret music, food, musical comedy, and of course, books.

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