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23rd November 2015
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Zero Hour by Lili St. Germain REVIEW

They say a human being needs few things to exist.

A purpose,

Hope for the future,

But most of all…


Juliette Portland had all of those things. Her purpose was simple: Seduce. Deceive. Kill. Avenge. Once Dornan Ross and his sons were dead, her future was supposed to be clear. Her life was finally going to begin. And love… Against all the odds, she had the love of a boy she never thought she’d see again. 

Everything should have gone according to plan. Everything should have been easy once Dornan was dead and buried.

Of course, life has a way of fucking with even the most meticulous of plans, and calling in owed debts can have the most severe consequences. Thanks to Juliette’s diabolical retribution, the Il Sangue Cartel has lost it’s Kingpin, but not for long. There’s always someone in the wings, ready to step onstage and seize power. The Gypsy Brothers Motorcycle Club might be reeling from the deaths of their President and his six patch-wearing sons, but they’ve come back swinging.

Two deadly enemies, hundreds of bloodthirsty members, both sides eager to punish those that would try to topple them.

Two survivors, a man and a woman, forced to flee in the night.

For Juliette, vengeance is a hollow victory. 

It never, ever ends.

The flames of incomplete vengeance are licking at her heels, and it’s only a matter of time before the Il Sangue cartel and the Gypsy Brothers catch her in their grip and crush her.

Unless she crushes them first.

View the Gypsy Brothers Book Trailer HERE

This trailer was shot on location in Venice Beach by Red14 Films, exclusively for Lili!


★★★★ 4 Stars ★★★★

“Bite me. Make me bleed. Choke me. I’m yours. I trust you.”

Jase and Juliette are on the run, along with Eliot and his daughter and his daughters mother, all struggling with trying to evade the cartel who have been wanting them dead ever since everything came to a head in One Love.

Jase and Juliette are feeling all sorts of messed up, and their relationship is hanging on by a thread.

“I try. I try so fucking hard to be the man she needs me to be. But it’s getting harder. I’ve got this rage inside me that never lets up, and I need somewhere for it to go.”

I had almost forgotten quite how much I enjoyed this whole series, it is dark and gritty and Lili St. Germain doesn’t hold back on anything.

It was brutal and incredibly raw, and I loved seeing how Jase and Juliette were able to deal with their demons and finally put the past somewhat behind them.

Definitely one of the most realistic and gripping biker series out there, it’s been a hell of a journey and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

A four star rating for me for both this epilogue, and the whole entire series.

Zero Hour is the last in the Gypsy Brothers series, a dark romance, told in dual POV.

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review


“When you blank out. When you go away. You’re with him, aren’t you?”

I take a step back. I feel like I’ve been punched. I don’t respond. I don’t even say, who do you mean, because we both know who we’re talking about here.

“Hey,” Jase snaps. “I want you to answer me.”

I can’t breathe. It’s like Dornan’s in the room. I feel his warm breath on my neck, the way he always tasted the same in my mouth. Like salt and cigarettes.

“Answer me,” Jase growls.

I break. “What?” I hiss. “What do you want from me? Do you want me to lie? I was supposed to kill him, and that was meant to be the end of it.”

Jase looks like he’s about to hit another wall. Or me.

“He’s dead,” he spits, “He’s dead, but you’re the one who’s gone. I need you to come back. I need you to come back to me.”

“I don’t know how!” I yell.

“You’re not trying!” he explodes. “You just sit here, in your dark little universe, thinking about him! Did you think about him while I was fucking you last night? Huh?”

About the Author


Lili writes dark romance, suspense and paranormal stories. Her serial novel, Seven Sons, was released in early 2014, with the following books in the series to be released in quick succession. Lili quit corporate life to focus on writing and so far is loving every minute of it. Her other loves in life include her gorgeous husband and beautiful daughter, good coffee, Tarantino movies and spending hours on Pinterest.

She loves to read almost as much as she loves to write.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest

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